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20 PIECES Crystal Starter Set

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This is a set of 20 different raw and tumbled crystals. The crystals in this collection are all different in shapes and sizes. This collection is a perfect starter set to give as gift to yourself or to a friend.

You will receive:

1 Tumbled Sodalite
1 Tumbled Clear Quartz
1 Tumbled Tiger's Eye
1 Tumbled Carnelian
1 Tumbled Green Aventurine
1 Tumbled Citrine
1 Tumbled Amethyst
1 Tumbled Rose Quartz
1 Tumbled Black Onyx

1 Rough Obsidian
1 Rough Pyrite
1 Rough Fire Quartz
1 Rough Bloodstone
1 Rough Moonstone
1 Rough Orange Calcite
1 Rough Rubellite Tourmaline
1 Rough Blue Calcite
1 Rough Tree Agate
1 Rough Smoky Quartz
1 Selenite Stick