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Citrine, Amethyst, Rose Quartz - Healing Crystals Trio Set

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This is for 3 pieces of raw crystals: Citrine, Amethyst & Rose Quartz. Each piece measures between 1" to 2"

Each specimen is carefully selected and hand sorted.

This is a great set to give as gifts to friends and loved-ones who are just starting their journey into the world of crystals. These are nice pocket size crystals to carry with you or to have laying around your coffee table as displays and conversation starters.

*Please note that our Citrines are heat-treated like the majority of the specimens in the market.

*The photos on the listing are specimens that have been washed. What you will receive are unwashed pieces after they have been sorted and selected.

*Photos are for representation only. Since these are made by Mother Nature herself, please allow variation in shapes, size and shades of color.