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GIANT Rose Quartz Specimen

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This listing is for 1 piece of X-Large Raw Rose Quartz Specimen from Brazil.

There are multiple weight ranges to choose from.

1 LB to 2 LBS
2 LBS to 3 LBS
3 LBS to 4 LBS
4 LBS to 5 LBS
5 LBS to 6 LBS

Majority of the pieces are in between weight bracket. So for example, if you choose 2 LB to 3 LB size range, you will most likely receive a piece that weighs 2 LB & 8 OZ or 2 LB & 5 OZ, etc...

These are large, gorgeous pieces that would make such a beautiful display in your home or office. These are also great to give as gifts to someone you love and care about.