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Love & Abundance Medley - Pyrite, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Aventurine Crystals Medley

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These are the same crystals that most of our team love to put on their desks so we thought of combining these crystals in a blend as a cost-effective way of collecting their high energy vibes.

Comes in bulk of 1 LB & 2 LBS. Each stone range between 1" to 2". You are guaranteed to receive at least 4 of each crystal and usually more.

CRYSTALS in this blend are:

PYRITE (aka Fools Gold)
CITRINE (aka Lucky Merchant's Stone)
ROSE QUARTZ ( Stone of Love)
Green Aventurine ( Stone of Opportunity)

*Photos are for representation only. Since these are made by Mother Nature herself, please allow variation in shapes, size and shades of color.