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Raw Sodalite Large Specimens

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Gorgeous and large Sodalite stone imported from our mine in Brazil.

Comes in 3 weight ranges:

4 oz to 8 oz

9 oz to 12 oz

13 oz to 15 oz

Sodalite can be a life changing stone, it is recognized as the most powerful crystal for dissolving guilt, fear and general self punishment. It bridges the gap between your heart and your mind bringing clarity to mental confusion and inner peace to a rowdy mind.

It is great for someone lacking confidence as it encourages high self esteem and acceptance of self.

It’s a brilliant Crystal for people who suffer anxiety or panic attacks, it can bring deep peace and emotional balance.

*The pictures show the stones just after being washed. You will receive unwashed stone.

*Since these stones came from Mother Nature herself, please allow variations in shapes and shades of color.