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Tiger's Eye Crystal Obelisk Tower Point

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These stunning Tiger's Eye Crystal Towers are from India.  An 8-sided Octagon Polished Tower, measuring approximately 3 to 3.5 inches in height. This exquisite piece is a true marvel of nature's beauty, handcrafted with care to enhance your living space with its captivating charm.

Crafted from high-quality Tiger's Eye crystal, this tower showcases the mesmerizing interplay of golden-brown and chatoyant shimmering bands, reminiscent of a tiger's eye. Its unique octagon shape adds an elegant touch and ensures that it stands out as a distinctive decorative element in any room.

Here are some of the delightful crafting and decorative uses for our Tiger's Eye Crystal Tower:

Home Décor: Place it on your mantelpiece, bookshelf, or side table to infuse your space with a touch of natural elegance. The warm tones of Tiger's Eye blend seamlessly with various décor styles, from modern to rustic.

Meditation and Yoga: Incorporate this crystal tower into your meditation or yoga practice to create a serene atmosphere. Its presence can help you focus and channel your energies effectively.

Office Desk Accessory: Elevate your workspace with a touch of sophistication. The Tiger's Eye tower can serve as a stylish paperweight or simply provide a calming presence during busy workdays.

Gift Idea: Surprise a friend or loved one with this beautiful crystal tower as a thoughtful gift. Its unique shape and natural beauty make it a unique and cherished present.

Crystal Grids: If you're into crystal healing, you can use this tower as the centerpiece for creating crystal grids, focusing your intentions on various aspects of your life.

Photography Prop: Professional photographers and enthusiasts alike can incorporate this crystal tower into their compositions to add an element of mystique and charm.

Artistic Expression: For creative souls, this Tiger's Eye tower can be used in artistic projects, adding texture and visual interest to sculptures, paintings, or mixed-media creations.

Please note that each Tiger's Eye Crystal Tower is unique, with its own distinct patterns and shades, making it a one-of-a-kind addition to your décor or crafting projects.